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G465418 Haemoproteus multipigmentatus
G465419 Haemoproteus multipigmentatus
G465420 Haemoproteus multipigmentatus
G465396 Kudoa hemiscylli
G465402 Kudoa carcharhini
G465403 Kudoa thyrsites
G465377 Leucocytozoon ugwidi
G465378 Leucocytozoon ugwidi
G465416 Ceratomyxa
G465417 Ceratomyxa
G465430 Ceratomyxa
G465431 Ceratomyxa
G462504 Haemoproteus tendeiroi
G462503 Haemoproteus telfordi
G462505 Haemoproteus tendeiroi
G465433 Johnsprentia copemani
G465421 Kudoa yasunagai
G465422 Kudoa thalassomi
G465423 Kudoa thalassomi
G465424 Kudoa thalassomi
G465425 Kudoa thalassomi
G465426 Kudoa thalassomi
G465427 Kudoa thalassomi
G465428 Kudoa thalassomi
G465429 Kudoa thalassomi
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