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MO78240 Nautilus stenomphalus
GSQF7844 Pelecypoda Nuculana minmiensis
GSQF7845 Pelecypoda Nuculana minmiensis
GSQF1309 Pelecypoda Solemya cretacea
GSQF9294 Pelecypoda Trigonia limatula
GSQF228 Pelecypoda Unio ipsviciensis
GSQF1335 Gastropoda Siphonaria samwelli
QMF5684 Mollusca Bivalvia Velesunio goondiwindiensis
GSQF1400 Nautiloidea Cymatoceras ? hendersoni
MO78241 Streptopinna saccata
MO78242 Austrosuccinea macgillivrayi
MO78782 Potamocorbula amurensis
MO78243 Euplica turturina
MO78784 Volva volva
MO72595 Turbo undulatus
MO16656 Duplicaria bernardii
MO78276 Noctepuna poiretiana poiretiana
MO78277 Spondylus victoriae
MO78244 unidentified cassid eggcase
MO78245 unidentified opisthobranch eggs
MO78246 Xanthomelon pachystylum
MO78247 Pomacea diffusa
MO79047 Pupoides pacificus
MO78251 Pomacea diffusa
MO79042 camaenid SQ 18
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