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JM13572 Taphozous hilli
JM13571 Taphozous hilli
JM13573 Taphozous hilli
JM13570 Taphozous hilli
JM9551 Melomys
JM2317 Dasycercus blythi
JM14664 Hipposideros semoni
J5937 Pseudomys hermannsburgensis
JM9381 Vespadelus baverstocki
JM9379 Vespadelus baverstocki
JM14203 Vespadelus vulturnus
JM14793 Vespadelus finlaysoni
JM14164 Vespadelus baverstocki
JM14160 Vespadelus vulturnus
JM13838 Vespadelus vulturnus
JM6567 Vespadelus finlaysoni
JM14990 Planigale tenuirostris
JM5906 Pseudochirops archeri
JM14619 Hipposideros ater
JM6320 Hipposideros ater
J2380 Ozimops ridei
J2381 Ozimops ridei
J2888 Ozimops lumsdenae
J4708 Ozimops lumsdenae
J2400 Ozimops ridei
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