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J15822 Thylogale stigmatica wilcoxi
J3395 Wallabia bicolor
J3582 Wallabia bicolor
J6562 Vespadelus finlaysoni
JM12154 Mus musculus musculus
JM1290 Mus musculus musculus
J5364 Mus musculus musculus
J21384 Mus musculus musculus
JM1578 Mus musculus musculus
J9159 Mus musculus musculus
JM862 Mus musculus musculus
J2990 Mus musculus musculus
J3000 Mus musculus musculus
JM1110 Syconycteris australis australis
JM8798 Pteropus alecto gouldie
J3741 Wallabia bicolor
JM14721 Syconycteris australis australis
J4581 Pteropus alecto gouldie
JM13361 Nyctophilus geoffroyi pacificus
JM4169 Miniopterus orianae oceanensis
JM4170 Miniopterus orianae oceanensis
JM14314 Nyctophilus geoffroyi pacificus
JM13074 Nyctophilus geoffroyi pacificus
JM6830 Miniopterus orianae bassanii
JM6831 Miniopterus orianae bassanii
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