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JM9714 Ozimops ridei
JM9139 Ozimops ridei
JM9707 Ozimops ridei
JM9859 Ozimops ridei
JM12051 Ozimops ridei
JM12066 Pseudocheirus peregrinus pulcher
JM10718 Pseudocheirus peregrinus
JM14116 Vespadelus troughtoni
JM9374 Vespadelus vulturnus
JM5096 Vespadelus troughtoni
J13340 Vespadelus vulturnus
JM1339 Orcaella heinsohni
JM2944 Vespadelus finlaysoni
J13313 Vespadelus vulturnus
J6560 Vespadelus finlaysoni
J8040 Ozimops lumsdenae
J7822 Ozimops lumsdenae
J8249 Ozimops lumsdenae
J8375 Ozimops lumsdenae
J6532 Ozimops lumsdenae
J6455 Ozimops lumsdenae
JM2525 Ozimops lumsdenae
JM2524 Ozimops lumsdenae
JM2526 Ozimops lumsdenae
J20270 Ozimops lumsdenae
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