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QMF682 Archizonurus securus
QMF2924 Macropus faunus
QMF2925 Macropus pan
QMF3920 Macropus pan
QMF2923 Macropod - Kangaroo "Procoptodon" oreas
QMF815 Macropod - Kangaroo "Simosthenurus" pales
QMF4609 Macropod - Kangaroo Troposodon gurar
QMF4576 Wallabia cooperi
QMF3595 Wallabia indra
QMF7821 Bandicoot Perameles allinghamensis
QMF13028 Possum - Marsupial Djilgaringa gillespiei
QMF8038 Dasyurid Antechinus puteus
QMF10644 Kangaroo - Macropod - Marsupial Galanarla tessellata
QMF10646 Kangaroo - Macropod Gumardee pascuali
QMF9054 Kangaroo - Macropod Troposodon bluffensis
QMF13080 Bat Petramops creaseri
QMF19147 LM?2 (lower) Australonycteris clarkae
QMF20568 Platypus Obdurodon dicksoni
QMF6579 Marsupial - Dasyurid Dasyurus dunmalli
QMF13026 Rat kangaroo - Marsupial Bettongia moyesi
QMF2975 Macropod - Kangaroo "Simosthenurus" antiquus
QMF9105 Macropod - Kangaroo Macropus narada
QMF9108 Macropod - Kangaroo Macropus (Osphranter) pavana
QMF517 Partial mandible including symphysis with incisors; left dentary with P/3,M/1-2, partial remains of M/3-4, partial right dentary with alveolus of P/3 and M/1 and the roots of M/2 Kukaodonta robusta
QMF10656 Bat Hipposideros (Brachipposideros) nooraleebus
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