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QMF6571 Temnospondyli Watsonisuchus rewanensis
QMF10330 Theropod foot print Skartopus australis
QMF6471 Temnospondyli Rewana quadricuneata
QMF17510 Frog Limnodynastes antecessor
QMF875 Lizard Varanus emeritus
QMF10319 Ornithopod dinosaur foot print Wintonopus latomorum
QMF12364 Partial left mandibular ramus Kambarra molnari
QMF11050 Plesiosaur Eromangasaurus carinognathus
QMF9132 Snake Liasis dubudingala
J64166 Heteronotia binoei
J64202 Heteronotia spelea
J64218 Heteronotia spelea
J87827 Litoria nigrofrenata
J87828 Litoria nigrofrenata
J87830 Litoria nigrofrenata
J87833 Nactus eboracensis
J87834 Carlia sexdentata
J87835 Nactus eboracensis
J87836 Carlia storri
J87837 Austrochaperina gracilipes
J87838 Carlia storri
J87839 Carlia sexdentata
J87840 Diporiphora bilineata
J87841 Litoria pallida
J87842 Litoria pallida
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