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QMF12987 Ptyktoptychion tayyo
QMF52601 Fish Ptyktoptychion wadeae
QMF52602 Fish Ptyktoptychion wadeae
QMF52603 Fish Ptyktoptychion wadeae
QMF52604 Fish Ptyktoptychion wadeae
QMF52605 Fish Ptyktoptychion wadeae
QMF26084 Scales Gondwanalepis grossi
I38654 Soleichthys
I38655 Amblyeleotris fontanesi
I38656 Paracentropogon vespa
I38657 Paracentropogon vespa
I38659 Centropogon australis
I38661 Paracentropogon vespa
I38662 Paracentropogon vespa
I38663 Glossolepis
I38664 Porochilus rendahli
I38665 Gobiomorphus coxii
I38005 Epinephelus fasciatus
I38010 Sphyraena obtusata
I38011 Helotes sexlineatus
I38012 Helotes sexlineatus
I38013 Helotes sexlineatus
I38014 Herklotsichthys castelnaui
I38015 Gerres filamentosus
I38016 Craterocephalus mugiloides
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