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W29038 Chroestia lota
W29037 Macromedaeus crassimanus
W29039 Pentidotea australis
W29040 Neosarmatium papuense
W29041 Paracleistostoma quadratum
W29042 Synalpheus carinatus
W29044 Harpiosquilla raphidea
W29046 Athanas shawnsmithi
W29051 Philarius minor
W29053 Cherax rhynchotus
W29056 Uca triangularis
W29054 Uca dussumieri
W29058 Uca triangularis
W29055 Uca coarctata
W29057 Uca triangularis
W29059 Onycocaris
W29060 Galearctus rapanus
W29072 Leptomithrax waitei
W29073 Onycocaris nieli
W29074 Periclimenaeus gorgonidarum
W29087 Streptocephalus Parastreptocephalus queenslandicus
W29075 Mictyris longicarpus
W29076 Macrophthalmus crassipes
W29077 Ozius truncatus
W29078 Thalamita danae
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