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W29013 Calappa philargius
W29014 Macrobrachium rosenbergii
W29015 Thalamita prymna
W29019 diogenid
W29020 Davusia glabra
W29021 Caligus chiastos
W29022 Caligus chiastos
W29023 Caligus amblygenitalis
W29024 Caligus longirostris
W29036 Ocypode ceratophthalmus
W29025 Caligus longirostris
W29026 Caligus longirostris
W29027 Caligus chiastos
W29028 Caligus longirostris
W29029 Caligus chiastos
W29030 Caligus chiastos
W29032 Caligus
W29033 Euryphorus brachypterus
W29031 Caligus chiastos
W29035 Brachiella thynni
W29034 Pseudocycnus appendiculatus
W29016 Thalamita danae
W29018 Cardisoma carnifex
W29017 Cardisoma carnifex
W28654 Perisesarma indiarum
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