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W40065 Bennelongia regina
W40067 Bennelongia regina
W40068 Bennelongia mckenziei
W40069 Bennelongia mckenziei
W40070 Bennelongia mckenziei
W40072 Bennelongia mckenziei
W40073 Bennelongia mckenziei
W40074 Bennelongia regina
W40076 Bennelongia dedeckkeri
W40077 Bennelongia regina
W40078 Bennelongia cuensis
W40079 Bennelongia cuensis
W40080 Bennelongia pinpi
W29175 Euastacus binzayedi
W29176 Euastacus binzayedi
W29178 Episesarma tetragonum
W34130 Gnathia biorbis
W34131 Gnathia biorbis
W29177 Arcania globata
W29148 Australimnadia gigantea
W29149 Podocerus chelonophilus
W29147 Manipontonia paeneglabra
W29180 Fizesereneia daidai
W29181 Fizesereneia daidai
W29182 Dardanus australis
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