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W29079 Thalamita crenata
W29080 Dardanus crassimanus
W29081 Clibanarius taeniatus
W29082 Leptodius exaratus
W29083 Chlorodiella nigra
W29084 Hadrosquilla perpasta
W29090 Tryphosella toowoomba
W29086 Periclimenaeus quadridentatus
W29109 Chaenostoma punctulatus
W29108 Macrophthalmus serenei
W29104 Macrophthalmus convexus
W29106 Macrophthalmus graeffei
W29107 Macrophthalmus graeffei
W29098 Scylla olivacea
W29102 Coronula diadema
W29103 Cyamus
W29099 Oncinopus kathae
W29100 Oncinopus angustifrons
W29101 Oncinopus angustifrons
W29136 Macrobrachium australiense
W29135 Neaxius glyptocercus
W29137 Austrothelphusa transversa
W29138 Austrothelphusa transversa
W29139 Cuapetes grandis
W29140 Palaemon debilis
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