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W35057 Gonatonotus pentagonus
W35058 Gonatonotus pentagonus
W35059 Gonatonotus pentagonus
W35060 Zebrida adamsii
W35061 Harrovia longipes
W35062 Zebrida adamsii
W35063 Ceratocarcinus longimanus
W35064 Ceratocarcinus longimanus
W35065 Harrovia longipes
W35066 Ceratocarcinus longimanus
W35067 Gonatonotus pentagonus
W35068 Bathypilumnus nigrispinifer
W35069 Pilumnus pulcher
W35070 Pilumnus pulcher
W35071 Ceratocarcinus longimanus
W35072 Harrovia longipes
W35073 Gonatonotus pentagonus
W35074 Harrovia longipes
W35075 Pilumnus pulcher
W35076 Pilumnus pulcher
W35077 Pilumnus pulcher
W35078 Parthenope GBRSBD 67
W35079 Harrovia longipes
W35080 Gonatonotus pentagonus
W35081 Harrovia longipes
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