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G62334 Acropora digitifera
G62335 Acropora valida
G62336 Acropora valida
G62337 Acropora hyacinthus
G62338 Acropora millepora
G62339 Acropora hyacinthus
G62340 Acropora valida
G62341 Acropora valida
G62342 Acropora muricata
G62343 Acropora muricata
G62344 Acropora muricata
G62345 Acropora muricata
G62347 Acropora tanegashimensis
G62348 Acropora valida
G62349 Acropora tanegashimensis
G62346 Acropora tanegashimensis
G332035 Acanthogorgia breviflora
G332070 Acanthogorgia breviflora
G332111 Acanthogorgia breviflora
G62629 Acropora subulata
G62613 Acropora retusa
G62587 Acropora vaughani
G62718 Montipora
G62638 Acropora abrolhosensis
G62639 Acropora abrolhosensis
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