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G62717 Montipora
G62671 Acropora vaughani
G62609 Acropora secale
G62610 Acropora secale
G62612 Acropora retusa
G62622 Acropora microclados
G62651 Acropora tenuis
G62608 Acropora kimbeensis
G62630 Acropora retusa
G62621 Acropora microclados
G62668 Acropora intermedia
G62589 Acropora horrida
G62595 Acropora vaughani
G62593 Acropora loripes
G62601 Acropora batunai
G62614 Acropora rongelapensis
G62623 Acropora echinata
G62643 Acropora striata
G62656 Acropora vaughani
G62663 Anacropora forbesi
G62682 Acropora awi
G62590 Acropora desalwii
G62604 Acropora halmaherae
G62641 Acropora striata
G62670 Acropora horrida
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