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G61868 Goniopora djiboutiensis
G61869 Acropora microclados
G61870 Pectinia alcicornis
G61871 Pectinia alcicornis
G331000 Lobophyllia robusta
G331001 Lobophyllia robusta
G331004 Virgularia
G331002 Pocillopora damicornis
G331003 Dendronephthya
GSQF13849 Anthozoa Rugosa Phillipsastrea maceria
G62294 Acropora valida
G62295 Acropora florida
G62301 Acropora florida
G62296 Acropora hyacinthus
G62308 Acropora tanegashimensis
G62297 Acropora nasuta
G62298 Acropora latistella
G62299 Acropora anthocercis
G62300 Acropora subulata
G62302 Acropora hyacinthus
G62303 Acropora florida
G62304 Acropora florida
G62305 Acropora hyacinthus
G62306 Acropora florida
G62307 Acropora microclados
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