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G61791 Acropora pruinosa
G61792 Acropora pruinosa
G61793 Acropora pruinosa
G61794 Acropora pruinosa
G61795 Favites halicora
G61796 Favites halicora
G61797 Favites halicora
G61798 Oulophyllia crispa
G61799 Oulophyllia crispa
G61800 Montastraea magnistellata
G61801 Montastraea magnistellata
G61802 Montastraea magnistellata
G61803 Montastraea magnistellata
G61805 Podabacia crustacea
G61806 Coscinaraea wellsi
G61807 Craterastrea levis
G61808 Craterastrea levis
G61860 Acropora muricata
G61861 Galaxea paucisepta
G61862 Acropora subulata
G61863 Acropora humilis
G61864 Acropora secale
G61865 Acropora hyacinthus
G61866 Acropora (Isopora) brueggemanni
G61867 Acropora secale
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