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G61993 Cnidaria Anthozoa Actiniaria
G61994 Cnidaria Anthozoa Scleractinia Caryphylliina Caryophylliidae
G61995 Cnidaria Anthozoa Zoanthiniaria
G61996 Cnidaria Anthozoa Scleractinia Caryphylliina Caryophylliidae
G61997 Cnidaria Anthozoa Actiniaria
G61999 Cnidaria Anthozoa Zoanthiniaria
G62000 Cnidaria Anthozoa Actiniaria
G62001 Cnidaria Anthozoa Actiniaria
G62002 Cnidaria Anthozoa Actiniaria
G62003 Cnidaria Anthozoa Actiniaria
G62007 Cnidaria Anthozoa Actiniaria
G62014 Cnidaria Anthozoa Zoanthiniaria
G62021 Cnidaria Anthozoa Scleractinia
G61779 Acropora solitaryensis
G61780 Acropora solitaryensis
G61781 Acropora solitaryensis
G61782 Acropora solitaryensis
G61783 Acropora solitaryensis
G61784 Acropora solitaryensis
G61786 Acropora glauca
G61785 Acropora glauca
G61787 Acropora tumida
G61788 Acropora tumida
G61789 Acropora tumida
G61790 Acropora tumida
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