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G62363 Acropora abrotanoides
G62364 Acropora abrotanoides
G62383 Acropora florida
G62393 Acropora secale
G62388 Acropora lutkeni
G62390 Acropora secale
G62391 Acropora secale
G62392 Acropora secale
G62395 Acropora nasuta
G62396 Acropora nasuta
G62397 Acropora nasuta
G62399 Acropora cerealis
G62401 Acropora anthocercis
G62402 Acropora hyacinthus
G62412 Acropora valida
G62407 Acropora polystoma
G62408 Acropora polystoma
G62409 Acropora polystoma
G62410 Acropora valida
G62411 Acropora valida
G62413 Acropora monticulosa
G62414 Acropora digitifera
G62417 Acropora gemmifera
G62418 Acropora humilis
G62419 Acropora gemmifera
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