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G62616 Acropora pichoni
G62624 Acropora echinata
G62645 Acropora striata
G62658 Acropora vaughani
G62684 Acropora austera
G62602 Acropora batunai
G62625 Acropora rongelapensis
G62626 Acropora walindii
G62627 Acropora walindii
G62628 Acropora walindii
G62631 Acropora awi
G62686 Acropora vaughani
G62689 Acropora rongelapensis
G62690 Acropora rongelapensis
G62691 Acropora rongelapensis
G62712 Acropora turaki
G62617 Acropora pichoni
G62635 Acropora desalwii
G62672 Acropora vaughani
G62688 Acropora rongelapensis
G62632 Acropora anthocercis
G62648 Acropora robusta
G62716 Montipora
G62720 Herpolitha limax
G62458 Acropora tenella
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