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G62693 Acropora halmaherae
G62605 Acropora vaughani
G62599 Acropora batunai
G62620 Acropora cerealis
G62636 Acropora digitifera
G62649 Acropora subulata
G62687 Acropora retusa
G62650 Acropora grandis
G62598 Acropora batunai
G62600 Acropora batunai
G62606 Acropora longicyathus
G62611 Acropora pichoni
G62657 Acropora vaughani
G62714 Porites
G62665 Anacropora matthai
G62655 Acropora horrida
G62592 Acropora paniculata
G62594 Acropora speciosa
G62597 Acropora batunai
G62618 Acropora microphthalma
G62619 Acropora hyacinthus
G62646 Acropora tortuosa
G62669 Acropora batunai
G62596 Acropora pichoni
G62615 Acropora pichoni
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