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S97720 Tinaminyssus geopeliae
S97889 Tinaminyssus halcyonus
S97890 Tinaminyssus halcyonus
S97891 Tinaminyssus halcyonus
S97892 Tinaminyssus halcyonus
S97887 Tinaminyssus halcyonus
S97888 Tinaminyssus halcyonus
S43980 Telaprocera maudae
S43438 Uliodon tarantulinus
S43420 Barahna yeppoon
S43399 Kilyana hendersoni
S43950 Krukt piligyna
S20413 Microsynotaxus insolens
S20416 Microsynotaxus insolens
S20417 Microsynotaxus insolens
S3186 Stephanopis corticalis
S3213 Theridion
S3195 Theridion
S3194 Theridion
S3088 Matidia
S3197 Theridion
S3211 Theridion
S4040 Matidia
S4059 Thwaitesia argentiopunctatus
S4074 Theridion
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