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Registration Number: MA9932

Name or Title: Compass gimbal

Classification: CH classification MARITIME TECHNOLOGY

Brief Description: Collected in 2009 from the site of the HMCS Mermaid wreck.

Collection: Maritime History
Maritime Archaeology

Production Place: India

Production Date: Pre 13 Jun 1829

Materials: Copper alloy

Measurement : Dia. 23.5cm, W. 2cm

State/Province: Queensland

Country: Australia

History and Use: His Majesties Colonial Schooner HMCS Mermaid was an Indian built vessel of 21 metres length. It was in use in Australia in the 1820's, and circumnavigated the continent on a voyage of exploration under the command of Captain Philip Parker King. It was later directly involved in the establishment of new colonies at Port Macquarie, Norfolk Island and Moreton Bay.

On May 10th 1829 the Mermaid set sail from Sydney with supplies for Port Raffles in the Northern Territory, under the command of Samuel Nolbrow. On June 13, 1829, the Mermaid struck Flora Reef, 13 kms East of the Frankland Islands, broke up and sank. The crew spent 11 days in lifeboats before rescue.

The site of the wreck was unconfirmed until discovered on Jan 6th 2009 by an expedition from the Australian National Maritime Museum, in collaboration with the Silent World Foundation together with scientists from James Cook University and the Museum of Tropical Queensland.

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