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Registration Number: QMF11050

Name: Plesiosaur

Classification: Eromangasaurus carinognathus

Brief Description: Nearly complete skull and mandible with 5 anterior cervical vertebrae including atlas/axis complex; Posterior portion of skull: Ex. Geol.Surv.Qld. No.: F10552 collected and donated by T.Noonan to GSQ later to be transferred to QM; Anterior portion of skull: Ex.Aus.Mus.No. F60056 collected by QM party and deposited at AM later to be transferred to QM; Specimen badly crushed; Associated vertebrae (originally QMF12216 and QMF12217, now QMF11050) collected by T.Noonan and donated to GSQ later to be transferred to QM.

Type Status: Holotype

Specimen Category: Fossil

Geological Age: Middle-Late Albian/Early Cretaceous/Mesozoic

Formation: Toolebuc Fm/Rolling Downs Group - Wilgunya Subgroup/Carpentaria Basin

State/Province: Queensland

Country: Australia

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